Back to School, Building Memories from the Heart of a Mother
August 29, 2012

Back to School, Building Memories from the Heart of a Mother

August 27, 2012

By:  Denise K. Livotti

So the mad dash is on, school is imminent, routines, schedules, lunches, extra-curricular activities all planned and ready to start.  For me the beginning of a school year means my kids are another year older, time quickly passes by and they’re getting bigger and I’m getting older.  From my little wee one’s they become big kids and they’re so thrilled to hear that.  When all I wish and tell them repeatedly, “don’t fret to grow up too quickly, you’ll understand one day when you’re my age”. A new school year signifies hopes, dreams, a fresh slate, a new start, a new beginning.  Old friends to meet again and new ones to make, ultimately it’s a time of building bitter sweet memories.  The first picture or video of the first day, the first week, all dressed to the nine’s with fresh pig tails, barrettes and clips, probably the only time of the year my children actually let me do their hair nicely and have it pinned up.  After that it’s all downhill from there.

For me the new school year is a chance for renewed hopes and resolutions, a time of reflection looking back but moving forward.   All I know is that I need to start off on the right foot.  Lead with a good example, help, teach and guide my children to their path, their future, with love and positive light in my heart.  I have to execute our plans and ensure proper routines are in place and maintained.  With the weekends reserved to let loose and explore, as we all need a healthy balance in life.  It’s not easy and can be exhausting but the rewards are great.

So, I busily plan their extra-curricular activities, get their clothes ready for the new school year, plan our 12 week breakfast, lunch and dinner menu so that I ensure their eating real food which is nutritionally sound and of course for the school lunches, allergy conscious.  I shop, pack and store things we’ll need in the first two weeks, so that we can get our groove on and the transition is smooth.  All the while making my notes, adding important dates to my calendar, printing plans, taking videos and pictures so that we have memories to share for a lifetime.  A business that a friend runs does this very important task of putting all of your life’s pictures and video’s in a time capsule (or shoe box), lovingly adapted to music and captions that will surely bring you to tears, they’ll even deliver the sweet little package with tissues, they’ve thought of everything.  So if you’re ever in need please reach out to Dana of Digital Shoebox,

One of the most important things I can do for myself and my family during this busy, crazy time of year is take the time to make the very important 12 week breakfast, lunch, dinner menu plan.  With our crazy, hectic lifestyles, so as to be kept on track, a schedule always helps.  Outlined with all our meals for 12 weeks and our fridge stocked with the ingredients and items for those meals, on a weekly basis, we can’t go wrong.   This way we’re eating healthy, wholesome, home cooked, nutritional meals which we work on together, preparing as a family and enjoying it at the kitchen table, all the while discussing the day’s events and their won’t be a need to do fast food or processed as everything is planned, ensuring that my family is eating well throughout the school year.

If you’re interested in getting a similar menu plan imbedded into your daily routine and need help, just ask me how.  At the cooking school for kids and families, Petits Chefs Academy (, one of our missions is to get families eating better together and we can help you with a 12 week menu plan.  Take it from me it makes life easier throughout the hectic school year.  Another great opportunity is our After School Program, where we offer a constructive and educational alternative to traditional daycare, our value added services will have you tickled pink.  You and your family will have a nutritious meal ready to go, freeing up your evenings to do as you wish.  For more information check it out here,

In the end, its back to school and back to school is about building memories and what better way than those that come from the heart of a Mother. 

The following is a guest post from Denise K. Livotti of Petits Chefs Academy the cooking school for kids, families, the community of York Region and GTA.  Offering cooking classes, birthday parties, camps, special events/workshops, menu planning, school outreach programs and field trips.  Check out our lineup of programs at or call us at 289-553-4445.  Also a member of The York Region Small Business Club which helps small businesses in York Region connect online and in York Region.  Their goal is to provide free or low-cost opportunities for local businesses to connect and engage with each other and ultimately to help small businesses succeed. Learn more about YRSBiz at


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