From blue to tickled pink
October 04, 2012

From blue to tickled pink

October 4, 2012

By:  Denise K. Livotti,

Sitting here, a little down, and why I ask myself??  Geez, last Thursday we were featured on a Google+ Hangout with the Jamie Oliver Food Community talking about what inspired us in opening up Petits Chefs Academy, see here, .  To working the first of its kind, Canada’s Baking & Sweets Show, see here, in which we were proud sponsors of our kitchen for the Home Baking Competition.  We held 4 workshops per day for kids decorating cupcake cones.  We were received by everyone; parents, kids, community with warm and positive reviews.  All those that passed through our workshops and booth said what important work we were doing, getting kids and families back into the kitchen learning where food comes from and the life skill of cooking.  Everyone was so thrilled to see us even asking us to please open up other locations to the west, east and central GTA.  So you ask, why so blue? Well with all the highs there are also the lows, canceling an amazing event this week, which we worked hard putting together, promoting and so looking forward in hearing our featured guest speaker was the low for this week.  Unfortunately, there weren’t enough people who felt the same way as we did about the event??  Not enough registered so we had to cancel.

One of many cancellations we’ve had to do these past several months.  Here we are, working hard at providing a service, a program that is in much need, of great value and great quality but attendance is so far and few in between.  Where is all that blessed praise and the obvious need based on the general public’s comments?  What gets me wondering, am I off on the mark, am I off on how important our health and our children`s health is? How important is it that we have access to good, healthy, sustainable food that we all know where it comes from and how to prepare it.   It has me reflecting inwards and thinking what it is or isn`t that we`re trying to do here.  For one event, I can see it being an off day, people can’t make it, other obligations, but this is not about one event, it’s about many cancelled events.  That is why I`m blue.  We`ve been feeling like we`ve been hitting our heads on brick walls.  Is it a question of price?  This has been discussed many times but I think that’s a load of laundry, dirty laundry to say the least.

For example, we see on a regular basis people walking into Mac’s Milk to buy large sugary, food coloured filled slushies’ for themselves and their family for costs of up to $10+ but to take a class on making healthy homemade smoothies for a cost of, FREE, just a few show up.  Is it a question of NOT marketing or advertising enough or well? Are we reaching the right group of people?  But to fill a room/kitchen that holds a capacity of 16-20 people comfortably it is not much to ask for from a following of over 1,500+ people to participate and be a part of something bigger then the bigger picture.  Do I make any sense?  So again, I ask what’s up?  Where are our priorities? Have I missed my mark?  Again, if it’s so much in need, as clear as day, (it is) with our rising overweight/obesity stats, our healthcare crisis, chronic diseases rising in adults and children, younger and younger, to GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) to environmental sustainability, learning where food comes from and how to cook with it.  All things that are so vital to each and every one of our lives but so overlooked by the many of us.

There was a great article published just recently in the local paper written by David Suzuki, It’s in our nature to be healthy, yet we fight it  Pretty much sums it all up.

But not to worry the blue`s usually last me a day or two and now, just today, I’m tickled pink and super excited and elated to be sharing with you our new Food Revolution Day 2013 which is happening on MAY 17, 2013!!!   That`s right the Food Revolution and Ambassadors around the world are at it again, planning, preparing, putting pen to paper and rolling up their sleeves for a great and worthy cause.  We hope that for this event, YOU, our community and sponsors won`t let us down and will show support for things that truly matter.  It`s time to stand up for Real Food for your sake and your children`s sake!

My name is Denise K. Livotti and I volunteer for the Food Revolution.  I give my spare time for free to further the mission of the food movement.  The Food Revolution has selected a number of volunteers from around the world who showed a deep commitment to real food and I`m thrilled to be one of them.

We’ll need VOLUNTEERS for this AMAZING event. Let’s bring #Vaughan #YorkRegion together through wonderful, delicious FOOD! Food Revolution Community @FoodRevVaughan Jamie Oliver @FoodRev #RealFood #FoodRevCommunity.  If you`re interested in getting involved please contact me at 289-553-4445 or and make me tickled pink.  :)  TY.


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