Culinary Cooking School for Kids Measures Up
June 17, 2011


Opening Soon – August 2011

With government, ministries and consumer concerns on what our children are eating and the rise of childhood overweight and obesity there has never been more a need, as now, to educate and teach the value and importance of healthy, nutritional cooking to our children.

Welcome to Petits Chefs Academy! The first of its kind, a new, educational, culinary, cooking schoolspecifically designed for children between the ages of 2.5-17 years, the culinary newbie and enthusiast. We’rea get-back-into-the-kitchen cooking school for kids, a how-to guide that teaches and demonstrates the ABCs of preparing healthy and nutritious meals.

Due to our time challenged lifestyles we are spending less and less time transcending this very important life skill to our children and opting for the quick fix, fast food, boxed, prepared, low-nutrition foods. This is creating quite a problem for our children and we need to stop and take the time to fix it. We need to spread the word, advocate and promote the need for this life skill which not only will enrich your child’s academics such as math, science, geography, social studies and much more but one that will empower them to make wise food choices now and for a lifetime.

We’ll achieve this through our age appropriate curriculums and our hands-on approach in a state of the art facility. Our kitchens will have industry-quality equipment and multimedia support. They’ll be interactive with computer learning stations and project spaces where students can work individually or in teams. The possibilities are endless as our Programs will reach your children via weekly cooking classes, school field trips, special groups/events, camps, workshops, out-reach programs and birthday parties all within a safe environment that encourages discovery and creativity.

They say, “What you put in is what you get out” or input is equal to output. This is true in many regards when it comes to food and what our children are eating. The affects are not only physical but emotional and mental. For instance when a child is diagnosed with ADHD part of his/her condition may be attributed to that child’s eating habits. The doctors will change even eliminate certain foods from his/her diet. They’ll also advise the parents to cook a certain way avoiding certain foods and ingredients.

If that child is given the life skill such as learning how to cook based on his condition, then, are we not helping him make wiser choices for a lifetime? Empowering that child in leading a fulfilling and meaningful life?

Our business model is geared towards that, taking the time and empowering our children to make better informed decisions on what their eating. Teaching them the life skill of cooking that will impact their well being now and into the future. So grab a friend and grab your apron — it’s time for petits chefs everywhere to discover the value and joy of healthy, nutritional cooking.

Not only will we be feeding their bodies but their minds giving them the gift to create and discover tomorrow’s future.

To your health,

Denise K. Livotti






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