September 02, 2011

My daughter really enjoyed her time at Petits Chefs Academy. She made friends and enjoyed helping make the various menu options. She particularly enjoyed bringing home the samples! – - Nancy P.

Thank you ! Our little Isabella loved her party ! Thank you. All the best hope to see you soon ! – – Idis B.

My kids had a wonderful experience at Petits Chefs Academy. When I asked them about their day, they specifically mentioned:

-“The food we made was so yummy” and I liked that it was healthy! I think it’s great to teach kids about food and how to prepare it, especially in this fast paced, fast food world we live in.

– It was hands on, they actually were involved in the process versus sitting back and watching someone else do the preparations etc.

– They also enjoyed spending time outside at the park

Thank you,

Rachel L.


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