Going Gluten Free with Shannon Kadlovski, CNP, NNCP
January 28, 2012

Going Gluten Free Workshop (Adult & Child 6+)

Sun. Feb. 26 10AM to 12PM.  Book while it`s hot!

2hr Workshop                            $45 per person+ HST

This is a discussion and demo Workshop on Going Gluten Free for parents and children.  We’ll be discussing Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity (what is it?, symptoms, risks associated).  Also, what is gluten?  What foods contain gluten?  How to treat Celiac and gluten intolerance – what foods to avoid and what to look for on labels to make sure it’s completely gluten free.  Foods that are safe to eat when on a gluten free diet and show some examples of products/foods that are healthy and gluten free.  We’ll also have time to cook and demonstrate 2 healthy, gluten free recipes for you to taste.


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