Going Nuts for Coconuts
October 09, 2012

October 2nd 2012

By:  Chef Adam

Petits Chefs Academy   

Going Nuts for Coconuts

When I put together menus for my cooking classes at Petits Chefs Academy I plan a baking activity once a month.

In general baked goods are not healthy, but they can always be made in a healthier manner.  The theme of this week’s class was ‘Going Nuts for Coconut.’  It’s a light and fluffy coconut cake that the Sr. Chefs mastered.  They worked as a team, read over the recipe, measured the ingredients and mixed the cake batter.

I explained why certain ingredients are prepared in a certain manner, such as whisking egg whites for a meringue.  The kids learned that when you whisk, air is incorporated into the egg whites, making them white and frothy and increasing the volume. 


Baked goods can have way too much sugar; I substituted white refined sugar for coconut sugar and reduced the amount of sugar by half.

While the cake was baking we made Popsicles, another food typically made with too much sugar.  Sticking with the theme the kids made Coconut Pineapple Popsicles.  We used organic agave syrup to sweeten the Popsicle.  Agave syrup is sweeter than sugar so we only need a small amount and agave syrup is low on the Glycemic Index so great for diabetics.

Once all was done the kids enjoyed eating their creations, the light and fluffy Coconut Cake and the Coconut Pineapple


Popsicle went well together, it was a successful class.


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