Healthy Eating
June 06, 2011

Healthy eating together with regular physical activity helps prevent obesity, and reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis. A healthy diet includes eating a variety of foods from Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide’s four basic food groups.

What are the four basic food groups?  If you recited grains, dairy, meats/beans, fruits/vegetables then you’ve got it right.  Good for you for knowing.  However, those seeking to effect dietary change must keep in mind that awareness is only one factor in shaping dietary behaviour.  For example, although awareness of the relationship of calcium to health had a positive effect on children’s likelihood of meeting their daily calcium intake, other factors, such as eating more food away from home, were negatively related to calcium intake.  (Analysis 1990-91 CSFII-DHKS data)

Even though nutrition educators are successful in increasing awareness of diet-health relationship, other social changes, such as the rise in eating away from home, premade meals high in saturated fats, sodium and or sugars and low in nutrients, unwise food choices and sedentary lifestyles, may counteract their efforts.

Also, individuals, although aware of diet-health relationships, may have erroneous perception of the nutrient adequacy of their own diets.   For example, for those that responded to the analysis mentioned above only 38% met the RDA (required daily average) for calcium.  (1994-95 DHKS)  

Therefore, it cannot be assumed that simply by increasing awareness of diet-health relationships that dietary change will always occur.  Other influential factors must also be considered in shaping dietary change efforts.

And that is what Petits Chefs Academy is here for.    To teach our children from a young age and put what they are taught into practice in a long term cooking program.  Which will help them live fulfilling and meaningful lives, healthy and nutritionally.


Denise K. Livotti

- – Petits Chefs Academy



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