When introducing food to babies, stick to plain flavours
August 29, 2012

When introducing food to babies, stick to plain flavours

By: Cyreks

The other day, while on the phone talking to my Gramma (who recently took my nine year old twins for four days this summer), she mentioned that she liked the fact that my kids didn’t mind drinking water. That sparked a whole train of thought about how I’ve been raising them, and to the best of my knowledge, I think I’ve been doing pretty well!

When introducing food to the babies, I would stick to plain. Plain bagels, plain fries (no salt), plain yogurt, plain everything. I would never include any condiments, until they were older. Every one of my friends thought I was weird to not include something as simple as ketchup with my children’s meals. I had even been called mean to deprive my children of all the things I “wouldn’t allow”.

I, on the other hand, thought better of it. They gained the taste for food as food was prepared. If a particular dish was intended to have spices or condiments, it would have already been included. Most food prepared in my house, was eaten as it was prepared. I didn’t add extra spices or condiments. I ate the food as is, as did my children by example.

To this day, my nine year olds are “allowed” to put whatever they want on their food. My children willingly choose water over soda, and will usually only use condiments on a hot dog or hamburger. As they have taken to the taste of food as it’s prepared rather than smothering it with extras, I’ve come to realize it was a good idea to let them have food without extra spices or condiments in the first place. I hope that they never see the need in their life to cover their dish in salt (read: body self-destruction lol), or ruin a good meal by smothering ketchup all over it!

I think I’ve done well to give them to the tools to help them choose a healthy lifestyle, and know when it’s okay to indulge. As we all have to indulge in a little soda or a sugary treat once in a while.

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