January 28, 2011


With governmental and consumer concerns of what our children are eating and the rise of childhood obesity there has never been more a need, as now, to educate and teach the importance of healthy and nutritional cooking.

Due to our time challenged lifestyles we are spending less and less time transcending this life skill to our children and opting for the quick fix, fast food, boxed, prepared low-nutrition foods.  This is creating quite a problem for our children and we need to stop and take the time to fix it.

PETITS CHEFS ACADEMY INC. is an educational cooking school for children between the ages of 2.5-17 years, the culinary newbie and/or enthusiast.  A fun, interactive and safe environment where children will discover the joy of healthy & nutritional cooking, a skill that not only will enrich their academics such as math, science, reading, social studies and much more but one that will empower them to make wise food choices now and for a lifetime. 

We will achieve this with our creative curriculum and our hands-on approach in our state of the art facility.  Our kitchens will have industry-quality equipment and multimedia support.  They’ll be interactive with computer learning stations and student project spaces where they can work individually or in teams.

Through our program the possibilities are endless as our age appropriate curriculum will reach our children via our many cooking programs whether it is individual classes, schools, special groups, pay-as-you-go, club memberships, birthday parties, camps, workshops, outreach programs and special events.  We will spread the word and promote the need for this life skill. 

They say, “What you put in is what you get out” or input is equal to output.  This is true in many regards when it comes to food and what our children are eating. The affects is not only physical but emotional and mental.  For instance when a child is diagnosed with ADHD part of his/her condition may be attributed to that child’s eating habits.  The doctors will change even eliminate certain foods from his/her diet.  They’ll also advise the parents to cook a certain way avoiding certain foods and ingredients. 

If that child is given the life skill such as learning how to cook based on his condition, then, are we not helping him make wiser choices for a lifetime?  Empowering that child in leading a fulfilling and meaningful life?

With school funding in the arts becoming thin at best marginal and the non-existent home enrichment studies/activities, Petits Chefs Academy will be the voice and empower these life skills to your children.  In our community we see many “little” gyms promoting physical activity.  However, very little, long term programs in actively teaching and educating our children on healthy food choices and cooking.  We can’t get the message solely through the Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide.  We need community based programs that work hand in hand with the governments and ministries.  Not only do we need to see the businesses that promote physical activity but we also need to see organizations that teach our children healthy nutritional eating and cooking, long term.  

This will give us the win-win we need in stemming this overweight-obesity epidemic in our children and giving them back their confidence, self esteem and making them feel good about who they are.

Our business model is geared towards that, taking the time and empowering our children to make better informed decisions on what their eating.  Teaching them the life skill of cooking that will impact their well being now and into the future.  You, the parent, the school, the health care system, the community, need to advocate and get your children into our classes discovering the joy of healthy & nutritional cooking and we’ll be more then glad to clean up afterwards.

At PETITS CHEFS ACADEMY not only are we feeding their bodies but their minds giving them the gift to create and discover tomorrow’s future.

Yours truly,

Denise K. Livotti

Founder & Director



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