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September 15, 2011

From the first day my daughter, Dominique, saw Petits Chefs Academy booth at the Vaughan Mompreneur show she was hooked.  She was excited about the idea of a kid’s cooking school.  We were told the Academy was yet to open but a summer camp would be available in August.  My daughter eagerly awaited for the camp to commence.When my daughter attended the summer camp, Petits Chefs had a weekly international themed menu. It just so happened the first week Dominique attended, Petits Chefs had an Italian themed menu. Dominique was happy because she would be able to show her Nonna what she learned. Dominique learned a lot during her short time. She was taught to make biscotti, risotto with mushrooms, salad (Denise, sorry forgot which salad), etc.  The best part was that she was able to bring some of what she cooked and/or baked at home for her family.

I have to say, everything she brought home was amazing!  I was shocked to see Dominique and her brother eat the risotto because neither of them would eat it before.  Dominique was happiest when her Nonna tried her creations and her Nonna gave the Italian stamp of approval.   LOL…
I have signed up Dominique for various activities/sports but nothing provided her with such interest/passion as her participation at Petits Chefs Academy.
–Silvia D.
Thank you !!!  Isabella loved her party all the kids had lots of fun from the first moment they got there.  All the parents loved the location, nicely decorated and also how clean and beautiful it looked.  The Chef and Assistant were amazing with all the children.Thank you Denise for taking extra care with the planning of her surprise party.  God Bless You.

To all the parents that want to do something unique and fun for their kids this is the place!!! :)
– Idis B.

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