To empower children and families to make wise food choices now and for a lifetime by:

  • Providing opportunities for children and families to increase their food preparation skills & learn the life skill of cooking.
  • Teach children and families healthy nutrition practices in a fun and interactive manner.
  • Learn about foods from different cultures.
  • Improve social support networks for our children and families regarding health and nutrition
  • Lead, guide and empower our children related to self-image, self-esteem and social acceptance.
  • Give our children the competence and confidence to face challenges.
  • Improve community partnerships around the issue of child health.

At Petits Chefs Academy we offer a unique selection of programs at basic, intermediate and advanced levels which have been specifically designed to serve the needs of the community and its’ children.  We will achieve this through:

√ Individual Classes

Summer Camp

√ School Field Trips (you come to us)

√ Outreach Program (we come to you)

√ Special Groups (Special Needs, Girl Guides & Scouts, Home-School Enrichment, Seniors)

√ Culinary classes made to order, and;

√ Pay-As-You-Go (PA Days, After school Drop-In)

Every kids cooking class and program is developed and executed in an educational format with an age appropriate curriculum so that students get the most out of their culinary experience and learn the essentials of cooking, while discovering the value & joy of healthy nutritional food/s in and around the Toronto and York Region area.

Students will have the opportunity to showcase what they learn in their specific program through on-site demonstrations to the parents and or special guests.  We will host Iron Chef inspired competitions and work at publishing a Petits Chefs Cookbook that the students will actively contribute too through culinary experiments and the creation of different dishes and recipes that have had successful results.  These will be entered into the cookbook with the creators name, picture and recipe title.

Through our programs your children will benefit as we’ll be working through many academic subjects such as math, science, geography, social studies and much, much more.

It’s an Academy of great learning, great fun and great cooking!

Online Registration Coming SOON!

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