Kitchen Space Rental

Commercial Kitchen Space Rental

Petits Chefs Academy kitchen is a viable way for a small business to open a food service operation and or experiment with their food products. The cost of building and maintaining a commercial kitchen in this day and time does not make it feasible for a small business to set up and maintain a fully operating kitchen.

Petits Chefs Academy kitchen solution allows you to minimize your overhead costs while you develop your customer base and product line or product lines in our state-of-the-art, health department licensed, commercial kitchen. It is the perfect solution for a competitive edge for a new business: an excellent opportunity for chefs doing private parties, catering companies, farmers market vendors and visiting event and corporate caterers – the possibilities are limitless. Best of all is that you have a commercial kitchen built and maintained by Petits Chefs Academy.

We invite you to make an appointment to visit our facility and detail your requirements to see if we can fulfill your needs. We are located on Jane St., in Vaughan, Ontario across from Canada’s Wonderland right off of Hwy. 400. We look forward to hearing from you.


All companies must provide their own insurance and food-handling certificate. The insurance certificate we require is a general liability insurance, which must list us additionally to be insured as the property managers. We can help you facilitate this certificate at your expense but all tenants in the kitchen require this certificate. The food handler certificate has to be recognized by the province of Ontario, online courses are available if you do not have one. You are responsible for all other business licenses required by law in your choice of fields.

Over 50 hrs per month we charge a rate of $30 per hour with a deposit of $1000.

Under 50 hrs per month we charge a rate of $40 per hour with a deposit of $1000.

All members must sign a contract which stipulate kitchen rules that must be followed or risk losing their kitchen time and or deposit.

There are many hidden benefits as well as sacrifices in sharing space and Petits Chefs Academy Manager is aware of these problems, if you are a Team Player we look forward to hearing from you, together we can work to make your business a success.


Tel: 289-553-4445 or

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