Outreach Programs

We love being involved in our community. So we bring a fun, hands-on, interactive, educational, culinary, cooking and baking program to you and your children with our comprehensive Outreach Programs. Programs can be delivered in FRENCH too! We can work with you three ways;

1) One-time Cooking or Baking Workshop at a location of your choice.  All we require is power (electrical outlets), sink, tables and chairs for a minimum of 8 students and a maximum of 14 for a duration of 1.5hrs.

2) 8 Week Cooking Club at your School or at a location of your choice. FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITY. 10% of total enrollment fees goes back to your school or charity of choice. Minimun 8 participants to a Max. of 14. All we require is power (electrical outlets), sink, tables and chairs. Please call us for further details at Tel: 289-553-4445 or Info@PetitsChefsAcademy.com

3) Informative Cooking Demo/Presentation we’ll present, discuss and demo a healthy recipe with your school to a large group (Grades JK-4 and Grades 5-8, parents are welcomed) in your gynasium or location of choice. Our presentation will encompass the importance of making wise, healthy food choices, knowing the difference via a demonstration of a whole, nutrient dense, local seasonal snack and/or recipe. Details of the presentation can be customized to your needs and interests of your group/school. All we require is power (electrical outlets), sink, tables and chairs PLUS presentation screen.

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2) Our 8 Week Cooking and Baking Program at a location of your choice.  This is a Fundraising Opportunity for schools, 10% total enrollment goes back to the school as a fundraiser.  That’s a WIN-WIN, kids learning life-skills and the school getting some back to support other needed programs and materials for its’ students.  All we require is power (electrical outlets), sink, tables and chairs for a minimum of 8 students and a maximum of 14 for a duration of 1.5hrs.FUNDRAISER Learn the Life Skill of Cooking-page-001 (1)

3) Live Demonstration/Presentation – This is a speaking engagement where we come in and speak to a large crowd in a classroom/gynasium or location of your choice about healthy eating. We’ll do a demonstration of a simple recipe using fresh, local ingredients, snack options, tools, tips, tricks on grocery store pitfalls etc… Please see below for further details or call us at Tel: 289-553-4445 or Info@PetitsChefsAcademy.comLive Demo Presentation - PRO GRANT-page-001

All these three options come with a recipe card, equipment, materials, food supplies and clean-up.

If you would like to speak to us further about these opportunities please call us at Tel: 289-553-4445.


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