PA Day Camp

PA Day Cooking Program

Petits Chefs Academy hosts PA Day Cooking Camp Challenges throughout the school year.  For those parents who want to ensure their children are engaged, stimulated and learning life skills even during school days off. This is the place to be.

Featuring a variety of fun filled cooking activities, events and sports that are sure to entertain. The campers are treated to a nutritious delicious snack and meal which they help prepare and make.

The camp runs from 9AM to 4PM for ages 6+. **Before and after care is available at an additional cost.

Spaces are limited so book in advance as not to be disappointed. Tel: 289-553-4445 or

*Note: We do recommend parents to pack a lunch and snacks in the case that your child does not eat what he/she makes, is a selective eater or the recipe they work on in class does not turn out.  This program is intended to instruct children on the life-skill of cooking, health and nutrition. Some times kids add a pinch too much of this or that, so discretion is advised.

All food, materials and clean up is included in all of our cooking classes.

Recipes can be changed (without notice) based on product/ingredient availability.

We source local, fresh and seasonal products/ingredients as often as available.

Online Registration Coming SOON!

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