Special & Corporate Team Building Events

Special & Corporate Team Building Events

3-Hour Cooking Class (On-site: Minimum 8, Maximum 15, Off-site: Minimum 15, Maximum 30)

Prepare a two- course menu under the direction of our professional Chef/Instructor in a three-hour hands-on class. Then you and your guests will enjoy the ‘fruits of your labour’.  All menus are custom-designed based on your preferences, seasonal ingredients, and your guests’ dietary restrictions and/or food allergies.

Some ideas may be;


The Chef/Instructor will have you make authentic Tiramisu. Then roll up your sleeves and get hands on experience making ricotta or pumpkin Gnocchi with your own choice of white, tomato or pesto sauce.


The evening will begin with a Chef/Instructor demonstrating how to prepare hummus and Greek Chicken Souvlaki. Then it will be your turn to make pita bread, Tzatziki and roll Dolmades, which you can package up to take home.


The Chef/Instructor demonstrate how to cook pulled chicken. Then get hands on experience making tortillas from scratch, authentic Pico de Gallo and fresh guacamole.


The Chef/Instructor will demonstrate how to cook and season rice. Then how to make an assortment of vegetable sushi rolls with our very own Master Sushi Chef. Master the technique of rolling sushi and how to use your knife like a professional sushi maker. You’ll also make your own Wasabi.


Ask about our finger foods, appetizers & wine packages to compliment your culinary experience with us.

‘Iron Chef’ Challenge (On-site: Minimum 8, Maximum 15, Off-site: Minimum 15, Maximum 30)

Our Iron Chef Challenge is a 3 hour cooking competition where each team has 30 minutes to decide on the menu they’ll create with the mystery ingredient(s) in the ‘black box’.  Teams then have 2 hours to create their dish after which they present their finished product to a panel of judges who will determine which team is the victor.  All left overs will be packed up and can be taken home or to the office to enjoy as a team.

Ask about our finger foods, appetizers & wine packages to compliment your culinary experience with us.

Chopped Challenge (On-site: Minimum 8, Maximum 15, Off-site: Minimum 15, Maximum 30)

Petits Chefs Corporate ‘Chopped’ Challenge is a team cooking competition that’s all about skill, speed and creativity where teams compete and take everyday items and turn them into a stupendous two-course meal. Course by course, the teams will be ‘chopped’ from the competition until only one team remains.

Will you survive the ‘chopping block’?

After the 3-hour challenge, you and your guests will enjoy your culinary creations.

Ask about our finger foods, appetizers & wine packages to compliment your culinary experience with us.

‘Apprentice’ Competition (On-site: Minimum 8, Maximum 15, Off-site: Minimum 15, Maximum 30)

In our Apprentice’ Challenge teams choose a Project Manager, they must come up with a “team/restaurant/bistro” name along with logo using the materials provided. Teams begin creating their two course menu plan with the ingredients in their kitchen which must be completed in 1.5 hours with no assistance provided. You’ll also be responsible to develop your brand/theme, then the whole team should be involved in marketing their creations in an effort to Win Loyal Customers from members of the other teams and our very own ‘TRUMP’ will decided what team will be hired for the job.

After your 3 hour competition, you and your guests will try each other’s recipes or pack it up to allow everyone back in the office a taste test of your culinary masterpieces.

Ask about our finger foods, appetizers & wine packages to compliment your culinary experience with us.

A Creative and Challenging Culinary Team Building Event!

Chocolate Factory is one of our most popular evening team building events, leverage your universal love of this age-old confectionery. Employing chocolate as our core building material, teams are provided with everything they need to create a truly extraordinary array of chocolate sculptures. Chocolate Factory really reveals your people’s creativity and inventiveness as teams design, construct, and present their original sweet treats. Chocolate Factory is deliverable anywhere, any time, but is an especially great choice for evening events. It’s an addictive team building event you’ll develop a sweet tooth for and always remember!

CAKE BOSS – Team Building
A Sweet Treat that Challenges Teams to Have Their Cake and Eat It Too!

After opening ceremonies, Teams compete in the first of many Sweet Challenges to earn the right to source supplies from the Bake Shop. Teams begin creating their design in their very own Bakery (everything provided). As Teams create their creative cakes, they begin to develop their Theme. Once they’ve themed their Product, the whole Team is involved in presenting their creations from their Bake Stand in an effort to win the Cake Boss Team Challenge. After Tasting/Voting, the event concludes with an Awards Ceremony. A Sweet Client Favorite!

Book Your Master Chef Event Station Today!

Do you have a bridal shower, baby shower, wedding, Bar/Bat-Mitzvah, or any other event coming up? Want to take it up a notch and have a Master Chef inspired station and have your guests create their own food inspired goodies.

A food inspired station where  guests create their own delicious edible goodies – customized to your event. The possibilities are endless!

Pricing based on # of participants and time.

*We can create custom food stations based on your event or theme for an additional fee*

For more info and to book our Food Event please call us at 289-553-4445 or e-mail us Info@PetitsChefsAcademy.com

Special Needs  Ages 3+ 

Petits Chefs Academy will work together with these groups to plan and coordinate a cooking program for special needs children or adultsPetits Chefs Academy has the experience with helping special needs participants get the most out of their cooking adventure.

Our cooking program engages student’s creativity, social and fine-motor skills all with an emphasis on fun.

Guiding/Scouting  Ages 6+ 

Gather your troop or group for a Petits Chefs indoor cooking adventure.  PCA will teach your guides and scouts to create easy, tasty and healthy foods, practice kitchen safety rules, develop and practice good food manners.  We offer a fun and interactive “Cooking Merit Badge” Workshop which covers all the bases of most cooking merit badge obligations.   Please see our COOKING WORKSHOPS page for more details.

Home-school Enrichment  Ages 3+ 

Our culinary chefs will work with you to enrich your home-school curriculum.  Please call us for more details.

Out-Reach Programs  Ages 3+ 

If you can’t come to us we’ll bring the kitchen to you, no worries. We have Chefs on wheels that can service your special event or function. Let’s cook up some fun through our educational, culinary, cooking program right in your own home, school or private function.  Please call us for more details at 289-553-4445 or Info@PetitsChefsAcademy.com

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