Petits Chefs Academy Gives Back This Season
December 14, 2013

In follow up to a recent tweet by Food Revolution Community“@FoodRev Denise @PetitsChefsAcad gives back this season w/ free cooking classes for children & families dealing w/ cancer#FoodRevHolidays” I wanted to share this little news clip. “This coming holiday season to give back to our community and to those most vulnerable, our children, we are providing FREE cooking workshops for children and their families dealing with cancer. When an organization in Toronto called Childhood Cancer Canada reached out to us we sprang into action and knew that this was something we had to help with. As a mother of two, I recognized that there was an acute lack of awareness about nutrition among children and the resultant health issues, including childhood obesity. I believe that this stems from the burgeoning processed product market and kids’ and parent general lack of knowledge when it comes to food and cooking. Hence, Petits Chefs Academy was born, and we hope to do our part in helping children, to learn their way around a kitchen and strives to equip them with the skills required to feed their bodies with wholesome, nutritious and great tasting food. We feel that it is important that all people, especially children, have the opportunity to increase their food preparation skills & learn the life skill of cooking while supporting preventative health care and wellness.”

- Denise K. Livotti, Petits Chefs Academy


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