Power Within
July 11, 2011

There is so much to be said about personal health and nutrition and making changes to better improve your health practices.  However, I feel that it is imperative before heading into any victory over health-destroying practices that we look deep inside ourselves to what it is that is truly blocking us. Once that is discovered, and only then, is when physical healing begins which starts with the cleansing of our thoughts and feelings.

All good and bad actions that affect our health have the mind as their source.  If we continue to crave unhealthful practices we will increase our risk of disease.  So what are some of the ways in preventing disease;

1)  Control your weight.

2)  Establish regular eating habits.

3)  Enjoy a hearty and well-balanced breakfast.

4)  Refrain from the use of tobacco and alcohol.

5)  Treat yourself to seven or eight hours of sleep every night.

6)  Stay with a moderate and consistent exercise program.

More on this topic to come so stay tuned.

To your health,

Denise K. Livotti





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