Promoting Healthy Weights
May 05, 2011

Eat together as a family 3 or more times per week. Children who eat meals with an adult are healthier, less likely to be overweight, and are more likely to learn better and have better social skills.

Establish regular meal and snack times. Children eat better when they know that there is a daily routine for meals and snacks.

Offer 4 or more servings of vegetables and fruit per day according to Canada’s Food Guide.

• 4 servings for children aged 2-3 years

• 5 servings for children aged 4-5 years

Limit juice to 125 to 175 ml (1/2 to 3/4 cup) per day. Children do not need juice. Water, 1% or skim milk, and fresh fruit are healthier choices.

Limit sugary drinks. Water, 1% or skim milk, and fresh fruit are healthier choices.

Save restaurant and take-out meals for special occasions. Restaurant meals and take-out foods are often unbalanced and have few vegetables and fruits. Preparing meals at home gives you more control to choose foods from Canada’s Food Guide.

Limit screen time to less than 1 hour a day.

Aim for more than 90 minutes of active play each day. Regular active play each day helps to promote a healthy weight.

Enjoy healthy foods and fun activities with your children. Children learn from watching the adults in their life.

- Petits Chefs Academy


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