Catering Schools, Events & Meetings


Catering Schools, Events & Meetings

Nut-Safe, Allergen-Aware, Halal-Friendly, Kosher-Style, York-Safe Approved Kitchen

We work closely with schools, event organizers and professionals to customize their menu and program that works best for each event, organization and school community. Our goal is to do what we do best and run our catering offerings smoothly and efficiently, with minimal interruption to the event, organization and school.

By participating in the Petits Chefs Catering Service, you’ll offer a valuable service to your intended audience with no added costs and minimal administration fees.

FOR EVENT ORGANIZERS & COMPANIES please call us to discuss your custom needs at Tel: 289-553-4445 or


We run a full service Catering & Safe Sushi Lunch Program and handle all aspects of the program including:

  • Design and provision of menus & flyers
  • Administration
  • Customer service – handling all parent inquiries
  • Payment collection
  • Delivery & distribution
  • Value-added service – such as our Petits Chefs in the Kitchen article for the school newsletter


Petits Chefs Safe Sushi Lunch Program has been designed to be self-sufficient and add minimal administration to the school.  So, what is the school’s involvement?

SUPPORT: School support is vital to the success of the program.

  • The school provides a dedicated area to distribute the lunches, including one or two 6-ft. tables.
  • Distributing menus & flyers to teachers’ boxes for students to take home. We will bundle menus as requested by schools.
  • Office assistance from time to time to call down any students who may not have picked up a lunch.
  • Incorporate our monthly Food Bites article in the regular school newsletter.

Delivery & Distribution

Over the past 3 years we have developed a system that is highly organized and efficient. The key to our program is getting our sushi lunches from our kitchen to our valuable customers on time.

Dedicated Petits Chefs Representative 

As part of our sushi school lunch program, each school is assigned a screened, trained and uniformed Petits Chefs representative on site. Our representatives are fast, reliable and courteous, providing the best service to our schools and children.

Our reps arrive at the school prior to lunch time. We assemble the lunches and have them sorted and ready for the children’s classrooms before the lunch bell rings.

We are at the school until all lunches have been picked up and all classrooms have their lunches. And we always have an extra lunch on hand just in case!

 Delivery & Distribution 

We ship all meals in state-of-the-art carriers to ensure that food is maintained at safe temperatures. All lunch bags are clearly labelled with each individual child’s classroom details and sorted for quick and orderly distribution to ensure students have a maximum amount of time to enjoy their meal!

We have a trained representative on site and we work with you to develop the best solution to suit the needs of your school.


Our Safe Sushi Lunch Program is developed as a value-added benefit for the school community. As a thank you for your school’s support, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to your school.

Our commitment is to provide the highest quality of food and customer service, while keeping lunches affordable for families. We do this through strict and streamlined processes keeping costs down and the savings are passed onto families.


The Ontario Government issued a policy, referred to as the PPM-150, to take effect as of September 1, 2011, click here for more information,

What is the policy?

The PPM-150 sets specific nutrition standards that apply to all food and beverages sold in schools and throughout all programs, that Petits Chefs offers.

Why is this policy being introduced?

The policy has been issued in efforts to encourage healthier eating habits and thus enhance learning for Ontario students. Because the school environment is deemed to influence a students’ preference and behaviour, the rationale is that implementing this policy in Ontario’s publicly funded schools will reduce a student’s risk of developing serious and chronic illness, such as heart disease or type 2 diabetes.

What are the specific Nutrition Standards to be met?

The nutrition standards follow the principles of Canada’s Food Guide. Food is divided into the 4 major food groups (Fruits and Vegetables, Grain Products, Milk and Alternatives, and Meat and Alternatives) as well as Mixed Dishes (for meals that contain more than one major ingredient like soup or sandwiches) and Miscellaneous Items (to be used on a limited basis, such as condiments & sauces). The policy outlines the nutrition criteria to be met for each category:

Sell more: Products in this category are the healthiest options with the highest levels of essential nutrients and lower amounts of fat, sugar and sodium. This category accounts for 80% of all food sold in schools.

Sell less: These products may have slightly higher levels of fat, sugar and sodium, making up no more than 20% of all food choices sold in schools. If the foods don’t meet these criteria, they are not permitted for sale.

How does the PPM-150 policy affect Petits Chefs lunches?

Very simply – all Petits Chefs menu items are PPM-150 compliant.

How do we know that we are compliant? We have contracted the services of a Registered Nutritionist and we have worked together to review each and every menu item, from the recipe and the ingredient deck down to the cooking method. With the guidance of a Nutritionist we modified our recipes and substituted ingredients in order to meet all guidelines.

Our cooks and staff have been trained to prepare and portion the meals in accordance with all guidelines. Parents and schools can feel good about serving Petits Chefs lunches as they meet all nutrition standards set by the Government of Ontario.

How to get started

If your school is not already taking advantage of the Petits Chefs Safe Sushi Lunch Program, please email us at or call 289-553-4445 to get started.

We will be happy to send out an information package and schedule a presentation with your school principal or School Council.





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