Thank you to all our Summer 2011 Campers & Parents!!!
August 29, 2011

We want to thank all our Campers/Students this past month that made Camp Petits Chefs-We-Are 2011 an experience never to forget!  We had many good laughs and met some pretty great kids.  All of them took something away from our Camp and I’m sure a few parents will reap the rewards with a nutritious delicious home cooked meal or two.   

We also want to thank all the parents of these children that have supported us and are fully committed to their children’s well-being and health, and in providing them with life skills that will allow them to live vital lives now and tomorrow.  Here’s to all the YES ANDERS!  Hip Hip Hoorah!


Petits Chefs Management and Staff :)

Hope to see you all soon!


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