To psoriasis or not to psoriasis? That is the question
January 26, 2012

Is it eczema?  No.  Is it cradle cap? No.  Is it psoriasis, we’re not sure; possibly… you’ll have to go see a pediatric dermatologist.  Okay so when is the appointment?  Not for another three months.  What…!?

It all started in late summer/fall 2011, my dear daughter 3 years old had a lesion/bump on her head, kind of scabby looking, whitish around the edges and red in the center it looked like a classic case of a three year old bumping her head on something she crawled over, under, into, out of, the typical activities of every three year old out there.  I asked her, “Honey did you bump your head?” her response, “I don’t know mommy?”  A couple of weeks passed and I felt another slightly raised bump and again I thought my active three year old and explained to her that she needed to be more careful.  I also noted that the original bump had not gone away.  So I applied Polysporin to both bumps/lesions and thought that should do it.  Another few weeks passed and the original scar looked like it had gotten bigger more whitish and she was starting to scratch/pick at it.  I told her to stop scratching  otherwise; it would never get better as I applied more Polysporin.

So, one day, we were at the walk-in for another ailment and I had pointed these white patches of skin on her head to the Dr., he said, it was a bit of Eczema and not to worry.  He gave me a mild topical cortisone cream to apply and off we went.   So we apperhensively, applied and after a couple of applications it looked like it was better, not to mention I was not fully comfortable with applying cortisone on my child’s skin.  We all know that cortisone is absorbed into our blood through our pores and it is not good for us.  Subconciously due to this I stopped applying maybe too soon.  Another few weeks passed and again I caught my daughter scratching at her head, I inspected further.  More whitish scaly flecks now on the back of her head and moving forward to the hairline.  I was like what the heck so here we went again with the topical cortisone cream.  Thinking it was my fault as I had stopped too early and not applied long enough the first time, mother’s guilt set in.  So this regime went on for another week or two and once I felt good that it was finally over and that we surely took care of it this time.  I was in cortisone lala land.

Knowing how that went, off to the walk in again, another Dr., another diagnosis, this time it was ‘cradle cap’ like what infants get.  I said is it possible at 3 years of age and he said yes of course.  I even asked him if it was lice as I had never experienced lice before and it looked very weird.  He said no and prescribed stronger cortisone cream and telling me to pick all the scales off her head after a warm bath with a comb and then apply.  After a month or two of doing this, picking out and applying and the problem only getting worse, more severe and more intense and my daughter constantly at it, scratching until it bled and having large open wounds on her head I was at my wits end.  The daycare began noting and asking, questioning what was going on with her head.  I explained to them that we were actively trying to cure it that it was eczema/cradle cap and needed time.  But mother’s instinct told me that something wasn’t right and that the topical creams were not doing anything for her but short term relief, never mind that I was not feeling comfortable putting cortisone on her skin so much so often.

We went in November 2011 to see our family Dr. who said that he would line up a few specialist appointments such as the allergist, dermatologist and ears, nose and throat specialist.  December came and went I tried to call the office but you know those December holiday’s it seems to be hit or miss.  Well I missed and by January I was literally knocking on their door.  I physically went into the office about these appointments that never were.  Hadn’t my daughter’s file been misplaced since November 2011 and no appointments yet made!  So now here we are and specialist appointments are booking two to three months out.  So I decided to take matters into my own hands.  Someone mentioned to me that it looked like Psoriasis; I took to the web researching and reading.  All the classical telltale signs in my books lead to that diagnosis, the pictures I was seeing online were that of my daughters scalp.  So what to do?  How do we cure it? 

I’m happy to say that through the use of a soap with natural ingredients of Sea Buckthorn which I found at a naturopathic dispensary, the question of, ‘Is it eczema, cradle cap, psoriasis…?’  is a thing of the past and as it’s almost completely gone!  In just two shampoos the sores have closed up, the itchiness gone, thus my daughter not scratching, giving the skin time to regenerate healthy new skin.  My husband couldn’t believe it when we showed him.

So what is Sea Buckthorn you ask?  Classified as a super fruit, it’s one of the most powerful natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory botanicals.  Its nutrient density and potential for disease impact are second to none, with extraordinary vitamin C and B levels, essential minerals and an unusual richness of omega-3 and omega-6.

Sea Buckthorn, by its very nature, is ideally suited to directly affect skin conditions through actions like:

  • Anti-inflammation (reducing swelling, flushing irritation and cell damage)
  • Auto-immune moderation (discouraging over-zealous immune responses that attack healthy tissue)
  • Heart and vascular healing (strengthening blood vessels, cell walls and circulation)
  • Antimicrobial (making the skin and body an unwelcome place for bacteria, microbes and parasites)
  • Anti-aging (protecting against sun damage, smoothing skin tone and replenishing the cellular matrix)
  • Skin conditioning (nourishing and retaining young, healthy cells while softening scar tissue and tough, fibrous or abnormal tissue)

In today’s day and age and through internet it’s possible to have information at your fingertips.  If something doesn’t quite feel right you must take the bull by the horns, be proactive and advocate for the betterment and better health for your children’s sake.  You can safely cure most ailments through natural remedies.  I feel so much better that I’m not using that cortisone cream, I was not comfortable with that right from the beginning, it was totally going against my grain.  I’m so happy that I’m able to help my daughter and nip this problem in the bud even before our scheduled appointment with the pediatric dermatologist, an appointment which is booked for late March.  We’ll still keep this appointment as we want to show her and tell her how we cured it and see what she has to say.

Denise K. Livotti


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