We’ll be Open for August Camp 2011!!
May 30, 2011

August Camp 2011 – World Studies International Recipes

For those parents that are interested we will be open in time for August Camp 2011! 

This year we’ll be kicking off the Academy with our World Studies International Recipes Camp.  We’ll be looking at different parts of the world every week and introducing different culinary words and phrases, traditions and of course ingredients and recipes from that part of the world. 

It’s a great way for us to welcome all ethnicity’s, nationalities, groups and cultures into our cooking Academy.  We’ll sharpen up on our geography skills and have some culinary adventures along the way. 

I’m sure your children will make each week take on a life of it’s own where, great fun, great interaction, great friends and great learning is possible.

Looking forward to having you all aboard our summer culinary camp train at Petits Chefs Academy.  Tickets are limited so please book early.

See you August 2, 2011.

Yours truly,

Denise K. Livotti

Founder & Owner

Petits Chefs Academy


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